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Infiniti of Willowdale offers the best vehicle value, the best service and an attention to detail that together will provide you with an excellent experience. Communication is the key to our success. If you’re interested in a new or pre-owned vehicle, servicing your current or future Infiniti, or need body work of any description we will always be available to assist you.

We are proud to present a unique and exciting line-up of luxury Infiniti automobiles. We begin our sales process by introducing you to our friendly, well informed and experienced sales staff who are available to present and demonstrate our product to you at our dealership, your home, or at your place of work.

At Infiniti of Willowdale we are also committed to making your Infiniti ownership easy and tailored precisely to your needs. We offer competitive finance and lease rates and have a fleet specialist available as well.

Please view the Special Offers section of our site which has our latest vehicle promotions, but most importantly, allow yourself some time to come and visit our dealership and experience our product line in person.

We are proud to offer an exciting pre-owned line-up of Infiniti, Nissan, and other brands which are available for every lifestyle and budget. All our vehicles are rigorously inspected and we take pride in knowing their complete history.

We ask that you take the time to preview the inventory and contact one of our pre-owned sales specialists to discuss details and purchase options. Their friendly and knowledgeable approach will make your experience a pleasurable one. Please click the link below to view our pre-owned inventory.

If for any reason you are unhappy with the follow-up you receive, please contact the General Manager by telephone at our main switchboard, (905) 881-4200 We thank you in advance for your interest.

The Infiniti of Willowdale Story*

Reinventing the wheel

Willowdale Nissan and Infiniti of Willowdale, Toronto-based twin dealerships operated by Dealer Principal, Mark Falkenberg, have undergone a major renovation with an ultimate goal to better serve its long existing and growing client base, constructing a facility primarily to accommodate that clientele.

Willowdale Nissan & Infiniti has been at its current location since 1972 when it was started by Falkenberg’s father Hans, who remains involved with the company, and has been involved with Nissan since 1985. The Infiniti brand was added in 1990 and will soon be celebrating its 25th anniversary with Willowdale Nissan & Infiniti.

Today, Willowdale Nissan & Infiniti has two separate franchises that stand beside each other, selling between 1,800 and 2,000 new cars per year as well as 400 to 500 used cars each year. “The construction process was smooth and the dealership is looking forward to long-term relationships with the new clientele that will be coming to visit,” said Falkenberg.


Falkenberg was enthusiastic when discussing the future of the automotive brands. “The brand and the product are getting stronger. I wouldn’t have invested had I not felt that Nissan and Infiniti were able to capture a bigger percentage of the overall market,” said Falkenberg. “The two brands have done a good job of it in the last few years. Nissan and Infiniti are one of the few manufacturers that have actually done well ahead of Honda and Toyota in year-to-year comparison in the Ontario market.”

Being split into two entities the buildings are completely separate in all different capacities, including hydro, water and gas, as Falkenberg stressed that while renovation may seem simple, it is really misunderstood the renovation is enormous. “To actually break a building in half is a monumental exercise. You literally have to take every electrical line that went from one end to the other and have to pull them back and bring in a separate power source and rewire every fixture,” said Falkenberg. “At the same time that we were doing that, we took the initiative to bring it up to green standards. We are not completely green, but we have improved the operation significantly.”

Recession impact

The Infiniti brand saw little change during the recession. According to Falkenberg, luxury buyers were still buying, while the majority of the vehicles are leased and continue to be leased. What is specifically unique about Willowdale Nissan & Infiniti is that it continues to see growth, notably in an industry that saw the biggest crash during the global recession. “We are growing, we have split into two franchises and we have had to hire additional staff to support our expanded infrastructure,” said Falkenberg. “The manufacturer has brought in some incentives that made purchasing attractive, so it was not easy to gage the difference in sales had our staff not been proactive. Had they been slow to react, we probably would have seen a significant drop in volume, but we actually have sold more cars each year successively.”

Pulling away from the competition

Several factors separate Willowdale Nissan & Infiniti from its competitors; prime among them is the company’s history and experience. “We have a very large client base. We are community oriented,” said Falkenberg. It cannot be said by too many dealers that they have been in existence for 40 years in one location.

“A big part of Willowdale Nissan & Infiniti’s success is that most of our staff has been with us for a long period so the relationship component is what we stress when customers come in; they are not seeing new faces. We currently have close to 60 employees.”

With that, the goal of Willowdale Nissan & Infiniti is to continue to provide service and sales at a expectation that will “wow” the customer, ultimately satisfying the customer to such a degree that they will happily return when they are ready to purchase their next car.

It is no wonder why the company has received several customer satisfaction accolades courtesy of Nissan Canada. According to Willowdale Nissan & Infiniti’s website, “Communication is the key to our success. If you’re interested in a new or pre-owned vehicle, servicing your current or future Nissan, or need body work of any description we will always be available to assist you.”

“You need to do something that the customers feel is a reward for them in having stayed with us as long as we have had them,” emphasized Falkenberg. “We’ve had many customers now going on four leases, on a typical four-year lease, so 16 years of patronage.”

*Reproduced from The Canadian Business Journal