It is our goal to provide our customers with a product and level of service that is consistently outstanding in terms of quality and satisfaction.

We need to understand our customers and to be sensitive to their needs. We call this Infiniti of Willowdale’s Total Ownership Experience.

The cornerstone of our commitment in service is our long history with Infiniti (15 years plus) and that our service is carried out by a trained and certified Infiniti service team.

We offer a full range of service including routine maintenance, performance enhancement and body and paint repair. We also use only genuine Infiniti parts and accessories.

Please book your appointment on line by emailing or contact us at (905) 881-4200, or see the individual listings in the section Inside the Dealership.

Infiniti of Willowdale Advantages

  •     Our expert Infiniti Technicians know your vehicle best!
  •     Genuine Infiniti parts with 12 months warranty coverage
  •     Infiniti-approved diagnostic equipment
  •     Access to Infiniti campaigns and product updates
  •     Customer shuttle service
  •     Complimentary vehicle hand wash
  •     Courtesy vehicles available (on select services)
  •     Body repair estimates
  •     Seasonal tire storage

Comfortable waiting lounge with flat screen tv, internet access and complimentary refreshments.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

  •     Maintains warranty coverage
  •     Safe, worry-free driving
  •     Reduces repair bills
  •     Optimizes fuel economy
  •     Lowers emissions
  •     Extends vehicle life
  •     Ensures higher resale value

Regular Auto Maintenance

Systems and components that should be regularly maintained on your vehicle:

  • Oil and Oil Filters
  • Air Filters
  • Brakes
  • Charging/Battery
  • Belts
  • Cooling
  • Wipers
  • Ignition
  • Shocks/Struts

Benefits You Can Count On


With an Infiniti Protection Plan, your vehicle will be serviced by INFINITI trained technicians using Genuine Infiniti parts at an Infiniti retailer anywhere in Canada and the continental U.S.A. All new vehicle Infiniti Protection Plans also include four oil and filter changes.


Our Infiniti Roadside Assistance Emergency Services Help Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If a mechanical breakdown occurs and your vehicle is immobilized overnight, we will reimburse you for vehicle rental costs up to $60 per day, to a maximum of 10 days.


Should you sell your INFINITI vehicle before your coverage expires, you can transfer your Infiniti Protection Plan, thereby enhancing resale value.


Coverage that costs only pennies per day.

For details please refer to the Infiniti Protection Plan Service Agreement or contact your Infiniti Retailer.

*The Infiniti Protection Plan (“IPP”) is administered by Nissan Canada Extended Services Inc. (“NCESI”). In all provinces NCESI is the obligor.

The words “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to NCESI. The words “you” and “your” refer to the Plan Holder.


Cars with no visible signs of theft deterrent are easy targets for thieves. With over 250 cars stolen every day in Canada1, thieves have many vehicles to choose from. By adding Elite Anti-Theft to your vehicle you are providing a theft deterrent system designed to discourage thieves and keep your Infiniti safe. In the unlikely event your car does go missing, Elite Anti-Theft increases the chance of vehicle recovery and may provide a benefit to reduce the cost of purchasing a replacement vehicle.

Elite Anti-Theft combines a clearly visible warning label with permanent, pre-registered numbers embedded on body panels throughout your vehicle to make it a less attractive target for thieves. The pre-registered number adds your vehicle to a national database to improve its traceability. The “Police Traceable” window decal will make it obvious to potential thieves that your vehicle is registered and help convince them to leave your vehicle alone.

In the event your vehicle is stolen and then recovered, you will be reimbursed for your Elite Anti-Theft purchase. If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days or is recovered and declared a total loss by your insurance provider, your selling retailer will provide you with a discount of up to $5,000 towards the cost of purchasing a replacement vehicle from their available inventory.2

1 Source: Statistics Canada, 2010.
2 Some conditions & benefit limits apply. See agreement/policy for full details.
– See more at:

INFINITI Protection Plan*

Infiniti Protection Plans offer an array of first-class client and vehicle care services and benefits. As an element of your Total Ownership Experience, an Infiniti Protection Plan ensures exceptional protection, care and convenience, across Canada and the continental U.S.A. Personalized concierge service, travel planning, vehicle rental assistance and continued mechanical protection; these are only a few benefits that make up the Infiniti Protection Plan’s comprehensive portfolio of services and benefits. Available in a flexible range of coverage terms so you choose the time and mileage coverage that best suits your needs.


By properly maintaining your Infiniti, you are protecting yourself against potentially costly repair expenses down the road. The Infiniti Elite Prepaid Maintenance Plan is designed to offer you the most convenient and affordable way to ensure that your Infiniti vehicle receives the service it deserves.

Your new Infiniti’s performance, longevity and resale value are better protected when your Infiniti is well maintained. As is often the case, proper maintenance is also a requirement of lease agreements. Help protect your newly purchased or leased Infiniti with the following features of the Infiniti Elite Prepaid Maintenance Plan. Overall, this plan enhances the total ownership experience.


Infiniti Elite Maintenance Plans are honored at all participating Infiniti retailers in Canada or the United States.


An Infiniti-trained technician knows your Infiniti best and can identify potential problems during regular maintenance that other service providers might miss.


Ask for Genuine Infiniti Parts, which help to maintain your vehicle’s reliability and value.


Properly maintained vehicles typically offer higher resale value.


If you sell your Infiniti, the plan is transferable (for a nominal fee) to the new owner thereby helping to boost resale value.


Pre-payment of maintenance ensures that you’re protected from future parts and service price increases.


With a variety of time and mileage options you can choose the Maintenance Plan that suits your needs. There is no deductible on any plan.


A properly maintained vehicle will consume less fuel.


Elite Wear Protection is designed to keep your vehicle looking as good as the day you drove it home by making commonplace mishaps disappear. Don’t let a door ding at the shopping centre or a spilt cup of coffee leave its mark on your investment, with Elite Wear Protection you can relax, it’s covered.

This comprehensive interior and exterior coverage not only protects you from costly repair bills but also helps to maximize your vehicle’s worth. A vehicle that is well maintained looks its best and holds the highest market value. With flexible term options and numerous coverage features available for lease, finance and cash buyers, you can drive your Infiniti knowing that it will keep its luster for years to come.

Interior Protection
Front Windshield & Head/Tail Light Protection

Paintless Dent Removal & Paint Repair
Key & Keyless Remote Replacement

Car Rental Benefit
Tire & Wheel Protection (optional upgrade)

For more information about Elite Wear Protection, contact your local Infiniti retailer.

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