The All New Infiniti Q70


Empower the drive with refined craftsmanship

The sight of graceful curves and beautifully refined angles. The scent of a handcrafted natural wood and leather-appointed interior. And the feeling of an intuitively designed cockpit, designed to please.
The all new Infiniti Q70. Refine your expectations.


Every aspect of the INFINITI Q70 has been crafted to create an exhilarating sensory experience for driver and passenger. From the flowing contours of its magnetic exterior to an interior environment that takes into account all your senses, the Q70 soothes and delights. Q70 captivates with a form inspired by nature. The sweeping contours of its body look as if carved by the wind. Flowing like a rising wave, the hood and fenders hint at the raw power beneath. Our designers sculpted each surface to reflect light or capture shadows, giving the Q70 a rare, magnetic presence.


Q70 creates an experience that anticipates and satisfies your every need with thoughtful and intelligent design. Controls and instrumentation are positioned for instinctive reach and use. Each component is crafted for recognition by shape and feel, ensuring that the driver connects with the vehicle intuitively, by touch alone.



INFINITI InTouchTM opens up a new dimension of connectivity between you, your Q70, and your world. The system consists of a suite of digital applications and remote services that are your direct link to convenience and confidence - features designed to keep you and your Q70 connected, even when you're not.



The Q70 is designed to provide exhilarating power with every drop of fuel used. Exclusive VVEL® technology continually tunes valve lift and timing to give quicker engine response with enhanced economy.

Choose the 3.7-litre V6 or an available 5.6-litre V8 and feel the surge of up to 420 horsepower.


The Q70 delivers an invigorating experience that ignites the senses. Acceleration Swell transforms the delivery of power into the smooth continual rush of a peaking wave. Zero-Lift Aerodynamics help keep the Q70 grounded, amplifying handling and driver control, while the FM Platform reduces body roll and increases stability, helping you move fluently through curves.



The Q70 captivates with a graceful form inspired by nature. The sweeping contours of its body look as if carved by the wind. Flowing like a rising wave, the hood and fenders hint at raw power beneath. INFINITI designers carefully sculpted each surface to shimmer in light or to capture shadow, giving the Q70 a rare and magnetic presence.


Your vehicle is a welcome sanctuary. As you approach the Q70, it senses your INFINITI Intelligent Key and responds with the radiant glow of sequenced exterior and interior lights. Each emits a soft, inviting glow, welcoming you back to the warm, secure cabin. To make your entrance as hospitable as possible, the Intelligent Key will also remember driver's seat, steering wheel and side-view mirror memory positions, as well as the last used audio, climate control and navigation system settings.



The Around View® Monitor uses four exterior cameras, one on every side, to give you a virtual 360-degree view of your surroundings, with enhanced 180-degree rearward view. This bird's-eye perspective is displayed on your in-dash monitor to help you see all around your INFINITI. If you get too close to a detected object, you'll see a warning on the screen and an audible tone will also sound, giving you greater confidence when parking.

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