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Leasing At Infiniti Of Willowdale

Our experienced leasing staff welcomes you to Infiniti of Willowdale Leasing department.

Why Lease Your Vehicle With Us?

Leasing your vehicle will result in more cash flow for you. You will enjoy lower monthly payments throughout your lease term and you can always own your vehicle at the end of your lease by buying it out.

Infiniti Financial Services Leasing

The lease programs offered through Infiniti Financial Services (IFS) are designed to make driving an Infiniti simple, convenient, and fun. Don’t let questions and concerns get in the way of enjoying your Infiniti-financed vehicle. Get the answers you need here, contact IFS, or contact your Infiniti dealer for specific information pertaining to your purchase or lease.

Should I purchase or lease?

There are advantages to both, but no difference in maintenance or operating costs. Leasing may be better for those who drive up to 24,000 km each year, take excellent care of their vehicles, and want a new car every two to four years. With a lease, you only have to pay for that portion of the car’s life that you use. Buying may be better if you drive a lot of miles, put your vehicle to heavy or rough use, and want to build equity. You can also sell, customize or trade your Infiniti if you wish when you own the vehicle. You should speak to a leasing or financing consultant to determine which is better for your particular situation.

For ease of reference, we use the term “loan” on this website to refer to conventional retail auto financing available from car dealers. IFS is not a direct lender and does not advance funds to car buyers for the purchase of a vehicle. IFS financing is available only at participating Infiniti dealers. When you finance a car at an Infiniti dealer, you will enter into a conditional sale agreement with the dealer. If IFS approves your credit application, your dealer may elect to assign the conditional sale agreement to IFS.

Prepare For Your Infiniti Lease

When it’s time to begin considering your lease-end options, Infiniti Financial Services wants to ensure a pleasant experience each mile of the way. Prior to your lease ending, we will begin sending you a series of mailers regarding your choices and obligations. You may contact us or your Infiniti Retailer to review your options. You may also review the options and explanations outlined below.

Excess Wear & Tear Guideline

At the end of your lease, a pre-inspection should be completed before you turn your vehicle in to a Infiniti  Dealership.  Having the inspection done as soon as possible will help you prepare for any excess wear and tear charges, and gives you time to review the repairs with an authorized dealer. Please read the below information to help you understand the end of lease process in more detail.

Non-chargeable vs. chargeable wear & tear
We expect that, during the course of your lease, your vehicle will experience normal wear and tear, this is considered non-chargeable. Definitions of excess wear and tear that IFS considers chargeable can be found in the Infiniti  End-of-Lease Guide.

The Infiniti End-of-Lease Guide is available to you online.

The Vehicle Inspection Process
Every vehicle is inspected using consistent guidelines by the third party certified inspection company, AutoVIN. To schedule your complimentary, vehicle inspection, call 866-792-0456. An inspector will provide you with an assessment of wear and tear, if any, for which you may be responsible as referenced in your lease agreement. Upon completion of the inspection, you will be provided a copy of your “Field Based Inspection” . The cost of these repairs may be covered by your insurance company, with your only expense being the amount of your deductible.  Contact your insurance carrier for details.  If you choose to return your vehicle without the inspection, an inspection will take place once the vehilde is returned to determine what, if any, excess wear and tear charges apply.  Infiniti  Canada Finance is not bound by any statements or representations made by any dealer regarding excess wear and tear or the vehicle condition upon return.

What to do if your vehicle has Chargeable Excess Wear and Tear
We encourage you to have your vehicle repaired by a Infiniti  Dealership prior to returning your lease. If you choose not to, then you should expect the same damages estimated to you on your pre-inspection in addition to any other excessive wear and tear that may have occurred since your pre-inspection. A final inspection is always completed at the dealership to account for any changes in the condition of the vehicle upon return.

Loyalty Offers

When it’s time to return your current vehicle, we want you to stay in the Infiniti family. We’ll waive up to $500 in excess wear-and-tear charges.  If applicable, on your current Infiniti Financial Services (IFS) lease when you purchase or lease a new Infiniti.

Loyalty waiver applies up to 90 days after lease termination. Eligibility is determined by leasing or purchasing a new, unused, and unregistered Infiniti financed with Infiniti Financial Services.  Offer is not transferrable or assignable, except to a co-owner/co-lessee of the Existing Vehicle who resides within the same household as the intended recipient of the Offer. Customers must satisfy all obligations to IFS in accordance with their current lease agreement.  The excess wear-and-tear waiver does not apply to excess kilometres fees.  See dealer for details.

Your End-of-Lease Options

There are 3 options for you to consider:

1. Replace your lease with a new Infiniti  lease or purchase and take advantage of Loyalty Offers.
2. Return your lease vehicle to your Infiniti  Dealer.
3. Purchase your lease vehicle.  When you are ready to purchase, view the home page for current payoff details.

Steps to Complete Your Lease Return

If you choose to return your Infiniti  or replace it with a new one, please follow these simple steps:

 1. SCHEDULE YOUR PRE-RETURN VEHICLE INSPECTION: Call AutoVIN at 866-792-0456 for a complimentary, vehicle inspection. Infiniti  Dealerships are not authorized to perform this inspection, any requests sent, written or verbal, will not be accepted in the termination process.  An AutoVIN certified inspector will complete the assessment of your vehicle’s condition and provide you with a copy of the estimated excessive wear and tear.

2. DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO MAKE REPAIRS: If excess wear and tear is discovered during your inspection, you have the option to repair your vehicle before returning it. You may want to consult with your insurance agent to determine what is more beneficial.

3. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR Infiniti  DEALER: Please contact your local authorized Infiniti  dealer 30 days prior to your maturity date to return, replace, or purchase your lease.

 4. COMPLETE THE VEHICLE RETURN CONFIRMATION AT THE DEALER: This document must be signed by you aknowledging the current kilometres at time of return. It is necessary to process the termination of your account, and will serve as your receipt for the return of the vehicle. Be sure to request a copy of all documents for your records and update your mailing address.

5. SATISFY ANY LEASE LIABILITY FEES/CHARGES: You will receive an End-of-Lease liability statement four to six weeks after the vehicle has been returned to your Infiniti  Dealer. The statement will detail any current fees/charges remaining, including a disposition fee of up to $395 (UNDER REVIEW).  You may receive subsequent bills after this liability statement that may include, but are not limited to, parking tickets, toll violations, etc. that occurred during the time you were in possession of the leased vehicle.

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